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Spike the Punch; Links & "I Hate" Edition

As a Blues fan, the playoffs season can be somewhat of a drag; we’re not in it, our two rivals are in it, David Perron is still experiencing concussion symptoms, we don’t have an owner for our team, and there are entirely too many weeks until next season. Commence the sighs. One thing we can take solace in doing, though, is cheering on whoever is playing our rivals. Now, I know a few of you aren’t down with cheering on Vancouver, given our recent history with Mr. Grease – a.k.a. Roberto Luongo. When it comes down to it, though, who do you hate more? I’d venture, and hope, that most Blues fans would cheer nearly anybody who takes on the Elf and the Alien, better known as Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, respectively. Every time I see the Toews commercial with him growing up or video of Kane lifting the Cup it fills me with such red hot rage that I want to simultaneously puke and throw something at my television.  As for me, I’ll be comfortably rooting for any and everyone who plays against both Chicago and Detroit. I also plan on chanting “HOOOWWWARRRDDD!” any chance I get during any Red Wings (*cringe*) games.

In other news, thanks to the regular season having wrapped up, everyone can do their “Top X” lists – top 10 fights, top 10 goals, top 10 Center’s who went missing and had an unexcused abs…oops. Deadspin posted an essential “anthology” of 12 fights from the 2010-2011 regular season and had a boxer do a recap of each individual fight. Not much of a surprise that Blues Right Winger Cam Janssen made the list, but not in the way we’d want him to. Janssen gets some disapproval for his “pull your left arm as far back as possible before you release” approach. As always, hockeyfights.com has provided video documentation of these 12 fights and also has a great list of Fighting Majors through the NHL. And one thing the Blues did win this year? The St. Louis Blues were the Fighting Major Leaders of the regular season. Hold your heads up high, Blues Nation, we didn’t lose everything.

Of course every Blues fans best friend Jordin Tootoo made the list, but why talk about it when you can watch it? *Note: Deadspin has their own special embedding and I’m not smart enough to work my way around it, so please patronize their site (the link straight to the hockey fight article is in the previous paragraph) and watch dudes beat up on some other dudes.

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