Charity Roundup; Backes and St. Charles Humane Society

The following series, Charity Roundup, will come to you once a week over the duration of the offseason. Each week the Charity Roundup will feature different philanthropic venues Blues players and their families, as well as any front office figures and their families, choose to donate time and/or money to and various services the St. Louis Blues provide to the local community as an organization.

David Backes & St. Charles Humane Society

It’s only slightly by coincidence that in yesterday’s “Yer Blues” David Backes was featured (he’s first alphabetically on the roster!) and today in the very first Charity Roundup post I’m featuring the St. Charles Humane Society. Many people know that David Backes, and his wife Kelly, are huge advocates for animal rights and welfare and do their best to both support and promote the St. Charles Humane Society by volunteering time, participating in and promoting crucial and beneficial fundraisers, and both serve on the Board of Directors. The shelter has employed  programs aptly named “David’s Dogs” and “Kelly’s Kats”, in which both David and Kelly feature 3 dogs/cats to better introduce the animals to the public eye in attempts to get these animals great forever homes. In late March, St. Louis and surrounding counties were treated to a few new billboards featuring the Backes’ and their three adopted dogs to promote animal adoptions via Coinciding with these billboards, the Backes’ also have a few radio spots and a TV commercial to boot… *ads following the jump*

Ads in St. Louis donated by Nestle Purina

The St. Charles Humane Society was founded in 1973 and is the only no-kill shelter in St. Charles County. The shelter has seen many changes and been of help to many dogs and cats over the years and thanks to massive amounts of growth in the county is in need of larger facilities to continue to provide the best service to these animals. Along with these new facilities, the shelter will also be undergoing a very important name change (as to not be confused with other similar organizations) and a new logo, so be on the lookout for these big, positive changes! The Backes’ along with the shelter are hosting a fundraiser on Sunday, May 1st from 1p-4p – Uncorked…A Cause for Paws. Find information for the event here or at the St. Charles Humane Society website.

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