Charity Roundup; Blues/14 Fund Aid Local Disaster Relief

It was all over the news; no one could escape hearing about how on Friday, April 22nd the St. Louis metro area was destroyed by a brutal tornado. The strength of the tornado is still, days later, being argued but was between an EF-2 and an EF-4. The storm bludgeoned Lambert International Airport and various businesses and homes across the expansive Greater St. Louis area and saturated both local and national media. In fact, some of the NHL playoff games were cut in to to bring sever weather updates, press conferences from St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and updates on the relief efforts. Fortunately, this city is no stranger to banding together in times of adversity and natural disasters (see: Great Flood of 1993). Within hours of the storm hitting, local good Samaritans,  regional and local volunteers from larger national relief programs like Red Cross and the like were reaching out a hand, lending people their homes until they get theirs back, raising money, cleaning up, cutting down trees, etc.

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Anyone who considers themselves even the most casual of Blues fan has seen the St. Louis Blues organization step up within their communities, especially in times of need, and this time was no different. It was announced today, April 26th, that the Blues 14 Fund would donate $10,000 to the American Red Cross in an effort to help support families effected by the disaster. Shortly after the organization announced their donation,  Blues players reported that they would match the $10,000 donation and bring the total donated to the Red Cross to $20,000. The short and to the point “release” can be found on the St. Louis Blues website and includes a heartfelt quote from Andy McDonald about St. Louis being their ‘home’, too, and extending his well wishes to those in the community. They may not have a Cup to prove they’re champions, but they own the heart of one.

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