Here to Stay; President John Davidson to Stay

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It was announced today that St. Louis Blues Hockey Club team president, John Davidson, will be around for at least “multiple” years. St. Louis Post Dispatch writer Bernie Miklasz broke the news of President John Davidson staying on and signing the extension on Tuesday with a more formal announcement to follow via the club later Tuesday. Davidson originally signed on with the club in 2006 – he signed a 5 year contract at $10 million which was set to expire on June 30, 2011. Miklasz reported that the terms of this deal/extension had been agreed upon “months” earlier but thanks to Checketts’ brilliance and impending sale of the St. Louis Blues (and just about everything with a Blue note on it) the finalization was pushed back ever so slightly (oh, priorities).

Many questions and arguments have been raised about Davidson’s contract extension, though. The Blues have much to attribute to John Davidson’s tenure as the team President over the past 5 years and can continue to greatly improve under his leadership. For example, attendance has seen a marked increase, including the 2010-2011 season’s sell out of every game, extremely high/raised local television ratings and improved “Blues awareness”, due in part to his work and assistance in charity and community developments. Davidson was Checketts’ first hire and for what it’s worth, Checketts continues to sing the praises of John Davidson and his “ability to rekindle the passion of the Blues in St. Louis” – always a nice note to have included on your cover letter. Davidson’s continuity is also seen as a positive step forward, both due to the fact that it shows the Blues’ resilience and head-strong attitude in moving forward despite having an owner, and also as a way to keep the ship afloat in the face of potential rocky waters.

Unfortunately, sports aren’t absent from the blood lust that is business. Keeping John Davidson could potentially deter possible investors and owners who may want to put their guy in the front office, despite Davidson being well-respected in St. Louis and the NHL in general. The new owners would attain Davidson’s contract which could be a sticky issue for whoever ends up taking over. I will state again, however, that I’m just presenting the other side (the gross, scary side) of the coin. Hockey business is just as merciless as any other sports’ business and for some tenacious businessmen and owners they may not want a President that’s only taken the team to one playoff appearance since his take over. [More after the jump...]

I’ll be the first to say that I am of the firm belief that John Davidson is the right answer and right fit for the St. Louis Blues. He has been the face of this team since 2006 and never been afraid to stick his neck on the line for the positive sake of the club. He has participated in community events, has relentlessly worked to raise awareness and get this hockey team in the communities eyes and has a great attitude and influence on those in the St. Louis area, both directly related to the Blues and the NHL as a whole. What I want to know is, what do you think of JD sticking around and what does it mean that they decided to keep him as the President despite having an owner? Leave comments below!

Post Music: Here to Stay by New Order – “Like a bright light on the horizon, Shining so bright, he’ll get you flying”. Hopefully this lyric stands as a means to the Blues getting back in gear and making some playoffs appearances under Davidson’s extended leadership.

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