As the Story Goes; Berglund wins IIHF Medal

Switzerland's Martin Pluss and Patrik Berglund of Sweden fight for the puck during their IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship group F qualification match in Kosice city on May 8, 2011. Sweden defeated Switzerland 2-0.
Berglund [Photo via Getty Images]

To tell Blues fans to “get excited” about Patrik Berglund in 2011-12 would be an understatement. Berglund had a great run to close out the Blues 2010-11 season with 31 points in his last 38 games and apparently the TSA allowed him to carry his hot streak overseas, netting him an impressive 8 goals and 10 points total. His outstanding play and high scoring earned him the second highest scoring in the tournament, missing the title of highest scoring/first in scoring by only one goal and a few points to Finland’s Jarkko Immonen (9 goals, 12 points). Berglund’s active participation in the scoring department and his highly skilled teammates achieved second place in the IIHF World Championships and were rewarded with silver medals.

Berglund becomes a restricted free agent as of, essentially now, meaning (luckily, if used the correct way) the St. Louis Blues will hold his rights. The Blues have until July 1st to extend and agree upon Berglund’s contract, after that date Berglund is available to take offers from other clubs and St. Louis has to decide the next move. During IIHF play, rumors were floating around that Berglund was looking to extend his contract with St. Louis and was expecting a couple million dollars. Of course rumors run rampant, especially over the summer when free agency is a veritable “High School Musical” and Eklund runs around, foaming at the mouth as his head spins.

Whatever happens, cross your fingers, rub your Buddah bellies, pray your rosaries, light your candles, use karmic retribution…an hope that Berglund not only comes back, but upon his return has the magical scoring touch that he’s put on global display.


Post Music: Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley – This song is quite possibly Rilo Kiley’s worst song ever. But it was just good enough and just trite enough to tie in with this post.

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