Frustrated Incorporated; Saving the Thrashers

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For me, this is a major issue; you have a team who enjoys what they do there, you have fans who are just as passionate as any (and yeah, I get it – they aren’t FILLING UP TO CAPACITY nightly, but that’s part of “Bring your friend to a hockey game” day or whatever hokey thing Bettman did this past season – things like that; you have to do them in cities like Atlanta), and in one of America’s largest cities that is already going through an economic downturn. This is a multi-faceted problem that is only made worse when you know that Winnipeg had their shake at an NHL team. And save your “Atlanta’s had multiple chances” spiel for someone less educated on the matter, maybe your baseball fan friend. This is about hockey players and their lives being moved, which isn’t anything new, it’s something that happens to them as a part of their job – but this is more than that, it’s people losing jobs, fans losing their team, children losing their heroes.

If you have 15 minutes of time to spare, heck…5 to 10 minutes of time to spare you can make a phone call to Mayor Kasim Reed to voice your concern. You can call the NHL and anger, annoy and continue to fill up the voice mailbox of Gary Bettman or his assistant (and say ‘hi’ to the most bored sounding receptionist-boy EVER). The people of the Atlanta Constituents Service office are more than nice, albeit a bit confused when they ask why you’re calling and you tell them it’s to speak to someone about the possible relocation of their NHL (that’d be National – Hockey – League, ma’am) franchise and allow you to leave a message, they even ask if you’d like a call back and take your number so someone can talk to you about the matter at hand.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, and this is a waste of time or all being done in vain, but I was raised knowing that everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you want something bad enough you can’t just be a quiet jerk with an opinion, ready to share and not ready to stand up and fight for it. Wallflowers can’t be advocates. And I’m sorry if you feel that your town is “deserving” or “entitled” to an NHL franchise, but this is just insanity. Relocation is not a positive thing and is certainly not the only answer or resolution to this dilemma. If you care enough to save the Atlanta Thrashers, visit fellow Fansided writers at Thrasher Backer and take a few moments out of your day to call one of the many numbers or resources listed on their site.

Post Music: Misery by Soul Asylum – I think the words “frustrated incorporated” ring true for those of us who’d like to see the Thrashers stay in their native habitat of Atlanta. Obviously the past ownership was a joke, but the NHL is making matters worse by implementing immediacy for this franchise to pack up and head North instead of thinking logically and seeking an ownership group that understands that they need to work on first filling Philips Arena then bring their paying customers and passionate hockey fans a winning team and that it doesn’t work the other way around.
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