Hang with Me; Berglund Signs New Contract

So, how do you stay relevant, on the minds of coaches/managers/ownership groups and manage to help seal your place for the team you love while in the off-season? You play like the absolute beast you know you are, take all the shots and turn them in to goals and play like an absolute madman for your country.

[Patrik Berglund; photo courtesy Brittney Stein]

What does any of this have to do with the St. Louis Blues? Well, it was announced today that forward Patrik Berglund has signed a shiny new contract. A contract worth $4.25 million over the course of the next two seasons, assuring him time in the Blue note through 2012-13 when he again becomes a RFA. Many weren’t positive Berglund could be a top-notch producer without his cohort in crime, TJ Oshie, and had legitimate reasons to worry – Berglund’s numbers declined during Oshie’s absence with his broken ankle last season. As soon as Oshie came back, though, it seemed that Berglund was on the upswing, though the numbers aren’t particularly telling, his attitude was better and the goals seemed to have more flair. In the 31 games that Oshie was out for, Bergie had 18 points, though in the same amount of games (31) after Oshie came back, Berglund had another 22 points.

Beyond being held to steep expectations, Berglund has been far from a bust and has been a skillful and impressive young talent. While Berglund was part of the much touted “kid” core, his level of play has transcended the immature title, though it is important to note that his youth and aptitude can, and should, remain a foundation in which the Blues can build upon. If Berglund can come out swinging, much like his stellar achievements during IIHF World Championship play, fans have a lot to look forward to with this re-signing. Berglund was one of eight restricted free agents the Blues had to decide upon during this off-season and many are glad to know he’ll be joining the team again, proving his worth with the organization and as an NHL level player.

Blues fans are encouraged to send questions to Patrik Berglund via the St. Louis Blues site, which could possibly be answered during his media conference call tomorrow. Go here to ask your question!

Post Music: Hang with Me by Robyn – Yeah, I know I continually use Swedish musicians when I talk about Berglund…but I just can’t help it. But this songs lyrics kind of fall in line with Berglund’s new contract – “And if you do me right, I’m gonna do right by you”. Granted the differences are between love and playing hockey/a hockey contract, but hey, don’t deny that it fits.

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