Get Big; Hensick Signs Two Year Deal

In further signing frenzy news? The Blues signed TJ…(collective gasp for breath) Hensick (collective aggravated sigh) today to a two year deal. Details aren’t very accessible and not much is known about the deal/extension other than Hensick is slated to be a piece of the St. Louis Blues organization for another two years, likely starting out with the Peoria Rivermen and competing for a spot to be with the Blues more permanently or more often.

Hensick as a Blue [Photo via]


But why are people throwing their hands in the air, calling out the organization for giving Hensick, one of the AHL’s best goal scorers and an AHL All-Starm, another two years with the organization? Well, for one, it’s due in small part to this being (and I quote) “the wrong TJ” but much of it has to do with Hensicks amazing abilities in the AHL failing to carry over in to NHL level play. Hensick only recorded 13 games with the Blues this season and in those games he produced one lone goal and two assists. Should we expect an AHL call-up to score every night or score multiple goals in games? No, however, his lack of offensive pressure mixed with sloppy play, poor quality of skating and handling are enough to cause worry. Hensick isn’t a horrible player, he just hasn’t managed to bring his skills within AHL play to the next level and those complaining are hoping that they can put their money (or the Blues’ front office money) where their mouth is – it’s not that anyone wants him or fully expects him to fail, they just want to make sure they get an effective, quality player, one worth offering an extension to.


Post Music: Get Big by Okkervil River – If Hensick is slated or expected to play in another 13 (or more) games this season with the Blues, he’s going to have to beef up in offense and goal-scoring as well as sharpen his skills all around. He will have to get big and do it with efficiency to benefit himself as a player and to benefit the team as a whole.

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