Is a Sale Imminent?

According to numerous reports, and supposedly Checketts himself, the sale of the St. Louis Blues is expected to occur before the start of the 2011-2012 season.  There are said to be up to 5 potential buyers(maybe not all realistic) and Matthew Hulsizer is still a legitimate candidate.  Tom Stillman,  a current minority owner of the Blues and chairman/CEO of Summit Distributing in St. Louis, is also said to be a true person of interest.  While it appears that Checketts has no intention of remaining with the club, it has also been reported that he may just stick around if Hulsizer ends up being the new owner. Nonetheless, whoever the new owner will be, a deal seems to be just over the horizon. If so, I think that will be the best case scenario. To find a new owner and get it all settled away before the start of the season. The last thing this team needs is that distraction hovering over their heads.

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