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The Blues aren’t the only ones spending big money on free agents. No Sir! This little sports blog has hit the big time and has gone out and gotten itself a new writer.

What’s that? It’s not in the budget? I just get to write about the team with the best fans and the best sport in the world? I can live with that.

Greetings everyone. I am Evan Parker and I will be helping T.J. cover the Blues this year. There’s obviously not a whole lot going on (except the youth camp out at the Mills this week)  so I thought I’d introduce myself.

I got into hockey a little late in the game as I grew up in a small town that had little league, football and bowling. I didn’t see my first game until I moved to St. Louis to start college and I was immediately hooked. The speed, the action (fights), the skating, all of it was amazing. I attended my first Blues game in 1993.

I bought my first partial season ticket package in 1999. I quit buying those after the lockout (mostly out of time constraints, not animosity)  and try to make 10 to 15 games a year. If I travel, I usually go to a game in that city. I have NHL Center Ice and watch whatever game is on and DVR the Blues games.

I have two kids that play youth hockey and have coached their teams. They’ve played with Al MacInnis and Kelly Chase’s kids. I got David Perron to skate at one of their practices. I play for a couple pickup groups. The other teams refer to me as “the pylon.”  My fantasy team suffered the same fate as the Blues this year: devastating injuries and out of the playoffs by January.

I’m looking forward to this year because my fantasy team is going to rule. Sorry, I promise not to spend too much time writing about that. Thanks for reading and LETS GO BLUES!!!

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