Hockey over Football

We are in a very quiet period in the NHL. Most of the free agents have been signed and training camps remain a few weeks away. Meanwhile, football is gearing up for its season and the sports channels and websites are in full-season mode. I understand that, but let’s keep in mind which is the better sport: hockey. Don’t get me wrong. I love football, but I prefer hockey.

Keep reading for my list of why hockey is better than football.

10. Better injuries. Turf toe? What the heck is turf toe? And why does it mean a player is out for six weeks?!? Hockey players take a puck to the face that knocks out 4 teeth and causes a gash needing 20 stitches and they might miss a shift. Maybe.

9. Nicer players. I am not making a blanket statement that all hockey players are saints and football players are scum (see number 4 below for that). If you spend any time at a hockey rink and a football arena, you will notice the difference. There are many football players who are fantastic with the fans, but almost all hockey players will stop and sign autographs for kids.

8. More action. According to a study from the Wall Street Journal, the typical football game consists of 11 minutes of action in three hours. ELEVEN!!!  Here’s a breakdown of where all that time goes. Basically, a football play takes four seconds and then the clock keeps running until the next play. In hockey, if the clock is moving, so is the puck.

7. Fewer timeouts. This is kind of related to the more action note, but it is important enough to stand alone. Here’s a typical situation in a football game: quarterback calls timeout, commercial, incomplete pass, field goal, commercial, kickoff (resulting in a touchback), commercial. In that same time, Cam Janssen has served his entire fighting major. Sure, hockey has two intermissions, which means everyone has time to exhale and maybe pee.

6. Better overtime. Who doesn’t love a thrilling five minutes of action followed, if necessary, by a solo-shooter versus solo-goalie finale. It’s beautiful. Or would you rather win a coin toss and kick a 45 yard field goal?

5. Celebrations. From six-year-old mites on up to seasoned veterans, nothing says joy like scoring a goal.  Contrast that with a pre-planned celebration with props in football. That probably shows how more valuable scoring is in hockey. It’s more difficult and therefore, the celebrations are more spontaneous.

4. Rap sheet. For every Mike Danton or Patrick Kane in hockey, I give you the entire lineup of the Cincinnati Bengals.

3. Fantasy teams are more fun. I have done fantasy teams in both sports for several years. For my money (and I’ve won and lost in both), I have enjoyed my hockey teams more. For one, its all individuals. I don’t like having entire categories based on a whole team defense. The other thing that I like about fantasy sports is the next item on the list.

2. 82 games and 30 teams. There are games every night of the week. Go back and read that sentence again. Every night. In football, you can watch, at most 4 or 5 games a week.

1. Playoffs. Football playoffs can be exciting, but a couple of bad bounces can destroy your team and knock them out. Compare that to watching your team battle back from a two-game deficit to force a decisive game seven. Plus, the last two minutes of a one-goal game is among the most suspenseful in sports, with an empty net and an extra skater. Not to mention the bad blood and extra scrums between the teams by game six or seven.

Agree or disagree? Discuss.

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