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Are the Blues a playoff team? Will the pieces they added this off-season push them ahead of their Central division foes? Are nachos the perfect hockey-watching concession? These are the questions you may be asking yourself as we approach the start of training camp (25 days and counting as of the writing of this post.)

The future certainly looks bright for our Blues if you look at some of the early predictions coming from the so-called experts. Many have our boys squeaking into the playoff race. Some agree that the additions of Jason Arnott and Jami Langenbrunner should help the locker room atmosphere as they approach the end of their terrific hockey careers. Sadly, none of the columns address the nacho issue, so I will have to get to that in a later update.

See some of the predictions here:

The first place most of us start when we are looking for hockey info is probably and they address the Blues in their 30 Teams, 30 Days column.

Kevin Allen has been writing about hockey for USA Today for seemingly forever. The good news for us Blues fans is he has picked the Blues as his Sleeper Team of the West. believes da Blues will sneak into the playoffs with the 8th seed. The link is a sideshow. If you’re against those kind of things, just trust me that the Blues are picked 8th. They also go all out and predict the Canucks to win the West. There is another link on the site that lists each team’s top celebrity fan. Again, I’ll save you clicking through the slideshow: Jon Hamm .

And finally, we point you to The Hockey News, which would rather you buy the magazine, but have slowly linked to their predictions and listed the Blues as a number 7 seed.

Those are some of the early forecasts. Do you agree? Are you satisfied with the Blues sneaking in as an underdog, or do you think they can get home-ice advantage by finishing as a top-4? Can they avoid another plague of injuries? Jalapenos on the side or piled on top of the nachos? These questions and more may be answered soon.


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