The Saddest Day In Hockey History

Former Blue, Pavol Demitra confirmed dead, Rest In Peace (image via bleacherreport)

Early this morning, an airplane crashed just outside of Yaroslavl, Russia. This plane carried the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team, including four players from their youth roster.

As of now, 43 are confirmed dead in the plane crash.

Those confirmed dead include former NHLers, Brad McCrimmon (coach), Karel Rachunek, Josef Vasicek, Karlis Skrastins, Alexander Vasyunov and former Blue, Pavol Demitra.

A quote from Lokomotiv officials sums everything up entirely, “At first we didn’t want to believe it. But right now there is no hope. The team is gone.

There is two confirmed survivors, both critically injured. Alexandr Galimov who is said to have burns over 80% of his body and is said to be in surgery. With the burns he has, it’s unlikely he survives as it’s expected that even with surgery, his injuries will prove to be fatal.

There is no news on the other survivor.

There were mixed reports that Ruslan Salei might have not been on the plane, but it was later confirmed that he was aboard the flight and is confirmed as one of the 43 dead.

God be with the families and friends of those lost.

This was already a horrible summer with the loss of Boogaard, Rypien, and Belak. Now the loss of an entire hockey team? Today is the saddest day in hockey history in my opinion, and the worst off-season hockey has ever endured.


UPDATE : Surviving player, Alexander Galimov is still in a coma and it’s uncertain how long he has left or if he will survive this horrible tragedy. Confirmed by Dmitry Chesnokov.

Surviving crew member, a flight attendant Alexander Sizov is still alive and is said to be in surgery with injuries to his skull and burns to his body. His burns are to 30% of his body, according to Slava Malamud.



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