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It’s been a long and winding road to get to our last part of our roster breakdowns. Going through four scoring lines, extra forwards, three defensive pairings, and then the 7th defensemen plus more, and now here we are on the netminders.

For a recap of the previously reviewed roster, here you go, first line, second line, third line, fourth line, extras forwardsfirst D pairing, second D pairing, third D pairing, and the 7th D & More. We’ll discuss the starting goalie as well as both back ups.

Jaroslav Halak, image courtesy TSNPhotography

The starting position is safe and sound as Jaroslav Halak will have that locked up for the next few seasons. He’s entering his second year as a Blue and many hope he improves off his average season last year.

Halak is the type of goalie who’s positioning needs to be sound if he is going to be the goalie he is capable of. He doesn’t have the biggest frame so he needs to use agility and position to stop the puck.

Jaro will be leaned upon this season to have a bigger year than last year and will have to be able to steal games for the Blues this year.  If he isn’t able to, the Blues could have trouble finding the post season this year. Halak has to be strong if the Blues are going to make a run at the playoffs.


Brian Elliott, image courtesy TSNPhotography

The back up decision has been made as the Blues have sent Ben Bishop to the Peoria Rivermen. Brian Elliott has made the team and will back up Jaroslav Halak for the season. Elliot, however, needs to have a much better season than he did last year. Elliot had a 15-27-9 record last season between the Ottawa Senators and the Colorado Avalanche.

He will have to be able to come in and let Halak rest, but even more important, when he’s in, he needs to win. Elliot has to be able to win games for his club this season in order for the Blues to have a rested and effective, Jaroslav Halak.

Elliot does have a winning record all time in his career, 61-53-16, and used to be a highly regarded goaltender. He has fallen off the trail, but has the opportunity here to redeem himself as an NHL quality goaltender. Otherwise, Ben Bishop could be nipping at his heals in Peoria.

Bishop, who was sent down to Peoria today, will likely split games with Jake Allen but I’d expect to the majority of starts go to Allen. Just as Allen would have taken the majority of starts if Elliot was to be sent down.

He’s a big goalie who improved his positioning this off-season and has a solid pre-season, but was sent down regardless. He has to keep his head up and play strong games in Peoria if he wants to make it back to St. Louis. If Elliot struggles, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that Bishop see’s time in St. Louis this year.

I hope you enjoyed the roster breakdowns and tomorrow I’ll have a post recapping the entire roster since it’s now been finalized.


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