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Player Recap: TJ Oshie

First off, lets look at Oshie’s statistics for the 2011-12 season:

80 19 35 54 188 15

Oshie had a pretty good season, was by no means disappointing. However, a Blues fan might have an ounce of disappointment, considering it felt like Oshie might explode to the next level by the end of the season. This may have been a lot to ask for however, since the Blues developed into a team that played with a “team first” mentality. There was no “superstar” on this team. Oshie maintained his extremely physical play throughout the season and stayed healthy for the most part. It is clear his effort was there in every game, and Blues fans love watching him every time he touches the puck. Unfortunately, Oshie, along with some of the other bigger names on the team didn’t quite perform as they should have during the postseason. Oshie didn’t score a single goal, and tallied only 3 assists in 9 Postseason games.

Of course, there is the lingering question as to whether Oshie will be on the team next year. After signing a 1 year contract in 2011 for $2,350,000, Oshie will be a Restricted Free Agent this off-season. It was a little odd that the team only signed their emerging young star to a 1 year deal, but it seems unlikely that he won’t be part of the team. Assuming that Oshie does reamain with the team, fans will be looking for him to take that next step next season, and to gain more recognition league-wide.

Grade: B+

Click Here for some Oshie’s Highlight goals from the season, and be sure to check out the rest of his highlights on the Blues’ website.

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