More on Blues Selection: Samuel Kurker (56th Overall)

Samuel Kurker is the Blues’ second round pick of the 2012 NHL Draft. Kurker is a Right Winger from Boston Massachusetts, and is 20 years old. Kurker comes from one  of the better college prep programs in New England, St. John’s Prep. He stands at 6′ 2, and weighs 198 pounds (though in his draft day interview he said he had hit 208). In 49 games over the last two seasons at St. John’s he scored 52 goals.

Lets take a look at his statistics:

 Kurker certainly has the size and potential to join the Blues’ lineup one day, but his time at Boston University will definitely be worthwhile towards for his development.

Kris Hanson, Kurker’s prep coach had this to say about Kurker:

“I am confident that Sam’s style of play will translate well to the pro game. Sam has the frame and ability to be an effective power forward at that level. It is exciting for Sam and St. John’s Prep, that we may be looking at the second player in two years to be drafted out of our program. Sam knows there is much work to still be done, but he is up to the task.

The Hockey Writer’s has a great profile on Kurker, predicting a 4-5 year period before he might be ready to finally join the Blues. They rate the Blues’ pick of Kurker at a risk of 2/5, with a reward potential of 3.5/5. Additionally, they predict Kurker as a top nine forward. Obviously only time will tell, and it is all too early for us to make too many bold predictions, but here at Bleedin’ Blue we have a lot of optimism for Kurker.

Be sure to keep checking back with us for updates on Kurker as his career at BU progresses. For the rest of report on Kurker click HERE.

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