February 14, 2012; Columbus, OH, USA; Columbus Blue Jackets fans react to their team

John Davidson Steps Down As Blues' President

On Thursday, the Blues and former President John Davidson parted ways as the two sides agreed to a buyout. His contract had three years and just over six million dollars remaining. This report comes only two days after St. Louis laid off roughly 20 workers as a result of the lockout, and reveals that this could be a move to lower the payroll. Further, the St. Louis Post-Dispath reported that Davidson had been in talks with the Blue Jackets about a front office job in Columbus. It would make sense that he would be interested in the Columbus rebuilding process, as Davidson helped to create this Blues’ team from scratch when he arrived seven years ago.

To be sure, Davidson’s presence will be missed in St. Louis, and it is disappointing that he will no longer be affiliated with a team that he helped build from the ground up.

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  • Timothy Frith

    JD might focus on his return to the broadcast booth.

  • David Socolov

    This NYR fan living in Columbus would be glad to see him. Get rid of the priest and howson. CBJ fans would support a good team even more than they support these crappy teams (and they have supported them!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jill.steve Steven Carmagnola

    Being a NYR fan, Davidson was one of the best, as a goalie in 1979 – almost won the Stanley Cup, and then as a commentator with great hockey sense and passion for the game… Come back to the NYR system – we have a job for you!!

    • David Socolov

      If Slats was retiring…I’d want JD back in NY! Oh yeah!

  • mittandme

    This hurts so freaking much. I’m so sick of everything happening in the NHL and with the Blues now. I hear there’s a minor league team coming to St. Charles. They may have my allegiance from now on.