Prospect Profiles; Looking at the Future Blues

With the NHL and NHLPA beginning to meet with Federal Mediators today, I figured it would be best to turn our attention away from the lockout and direct ourselves to the future of the St. Louis Blues.  Throughout the month of December, I will be focusing on prospects that the Blues currently have in their system, hoping to create a conversation among readers and fans about who they think will make it into the big club.

While some of the prospects’ names are familiar to most fans, there are others that are still in the juniors and are lesser known.  The series will start with my personal favorite, Vladimir (don’t call him the Tank) Tarasenko.  Although this will be an exploration of the Blues current prospects, it will be interesting to see who will actually stick with the club.  St. Louis is a defensively sound team and a lot fo their prospects also man the blue line.  One of the reasons that Tarasenko and Schwarz are so well known, at least from my point of view, is that they are goal scorers.  The team’s lack of scorers is evident, although the amount of talent spread throughout the club has made up for this obvious hole.

As we go through the profiles, please let me know if there are other players that you would like to know more about, opinions that vary from mine, or any other information that you want to share.  One of the biggest problems that I see with St. Louis Blues fans is their lack of knowledge about the system.  Fans are fairly well versed on the current team, but Peoria has some great players and there are even more prospects playing at the Junior level.

This is an exciting time to be a Blues fan and I think now more than ever it is important to get to know your future team.

I hope to post the first in this installment later today, so for now, as always, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan

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