Jason Arnott - Where Will He Sign?

Last season the St. Louis Blues made a big announcement they signed both Jamie Langenbrunner and Jason Arnott on the same day.  While both players were considered in the twilight of their respective careers, they both had Stanley Cups under their belts and were seen as leaders for a young St. Louis Blues team.  Lagenbrunner proved to be a great mentor to many of the younger players, but did not manage to contribute too much on the scoreboard.  What he did off the ice though earned him one more year with the Blues.

Jason Arnott on the other hand proved that he still had a bit of hockey left in him.  Arnott managed to score 17 goals and 17 assists during the regular season and showed that his booming shot was still very much with him.  His big body on the ice was easy to pick out and his play was pretty good.  The problem with Arnott was off the ice.  Ken Hitchcock and Arnott did not have an easy time getting along as Arnott seemed to have a mentality that placed him above others because of his past accomplishments.  It was well known that during the playoffs Jason Arnott through a bit of a fit when Hitchcock let him know that there was not really a place for him on the starting line up.  After this ordeal, the Blues decided to part ways with a player that they hoped would give inspiration and advice to the younger players.

Once free agency hit on July 1st, it was clear that Arnott would need to find a new team.  There was rumors that the Vancouver Canucks were interested from the start, but they never made an offer.  Once there was a tentative agreement announced concerning the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), Arnott was seen practicing with the Dallas Stars in a Stars jersey and Blues helmet.  While the Dallas Stars don’t have need for a Center there were still rumors about that the Dallas Stars may be interested.

Still, there doesn’t seem to be a need in Dallas, so re-enter the Vancouver Canucks.   With the injuries the Canucks are facing going into the 2013 season, Arnott could be a good placeholder for this year only.  I don’t know how well he would fit in the locker room considering that Vancouver already has its own stars in the Sedin twins and Arnott would be looking for a spotlight.  If the Canucks did get healthy in time for the playoffs, they could see the same issue that the Blues did with Arnott not fitting into the lineup and not being very happy about it.

According to the Fourth Period, “Arnott’s agent, and brother, Wade told TFP there have been “no talks regarding Jason with Vancouver yet.”  That could change depending on what the Canucks get back in a trade for Luongo, if they receive an offer Gillis is willing to accept.  Several other teams have contacted Wade Arnott about his brother’s availability and talks are expected to pick up over the next 48 hours.”

While Arnott is still looking for a home, it would make sense that he would find a team for the shortened season, but his attitude may very well stand in the way of him finding a place to retire.

Stay tuned for more updates around the NHL and about your St. Louis Blues.  As always, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan

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