NHLPA Vote Ends, NHL and NHLPA To Sign Agreement

This morning at 7am the NHLPA vote to ratify the new NHL CBA came to a conclusion.  Initial reports have suggested that nothing will be officially announced until later today or possibly even tomorrow.  There were rumblings that the NHLPA would possibly be late in releasing anything official preventing players from having their physicals in time for training camps to open tomorrow.

While anything to that extent has yet to be released, Michael Russo of the Star Tribune reported the following:

“After a 30-0 unanimous vote by the owners to ratify the collective bargaining agreement Wednesday, the players have now concluded their ratification vote.

Results aren’t out yet, but it will certainly be ratified.

The lockout would then be … all but over now.

Before it’s officially over, a memo of understanding must be signed by the NHL and NHLPA. That essentially is a bulletpoint version of the CBA’s main issues that would be legally binding while the actual CBA is crafted the next several weeks.

Last night, the language was still being crafted because part of this document must be a legal mechanism to resolve potential issues that could arise while the CBA is being finalized. In 1994-95, there were several wildfires that had to be put out as the game returned to the ice.

As Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said in email to me this morning, “The lockout won’t be lifted and nothing happens unless or until MOU is signed.”

Until the Memo of Understanding is signed, technically there can be no schedules released, no transactions in the league (the Wild could be in the market for a defenseman this week), no training camps open.

Daly says he is expecting that to happen today. When that happens, then we can get our hands on the schedule, TV schedule, training camp details, etc.”

 So while we wait for any official news, we can only hope that the NHL Schedule will soon be officially released and that training camps will open on time.  The St. Louis Blues are set to open camp tomorrow at 11am and continue until 1pm.  The training camp will be held at Scottrade Center and is open to the public for free.  After tomorrow’s camp, the players are set to have a Q and A session afterward for fans.

Stayed tuned for more official news about the end of the NHL Lockout and your St. Louis Blues.  As always, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan

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