Would the Blues Ever Trade for Luongo?

The St. Louis Blues are probably one of the most sound teams going into the 2013 season as far as goaltending is concerned, but what if in a fantasy situation GM Doug Armstrong was willing to make one of the biggest moves in franchise history.  As it sits, the Blues have Jaroslav Halak as the number one with Brian Elliott as a 1B, or as they are called in the rest of the league, a backup.  There has been talk on Twitter that the Toronto Maple Leafs may have interest in Jaroslav Halak, which got me thinking…

One of the interesting parts of the St. Louis lineup though is that they have a ton of cap space.  While it will almost certainly never happen, and shouldn’t happen from a fan’s perspective, the Blues have all of the pieces to give the Canucks, as well as the cap space to afford, for Roberto Luongo.  So what would a trade like that look like?  Well the Canucks want a proven guy, a prospect, and draft picks.  I could see the St. Louis Blues parting with Elliott, Matt D’Agostini, and a third round pick for Luongo.  While Vancouver may not like that trade at first, it is one that would help both teams.  D’agostini would get the chance to play a bigger role, Elliott would be a great backup to Luongo, and the pick would fill their needs in the future.

St. Louis would then use Luongo as their go to guy with Halak becoming the “1B”.   That would be a tandem that could win a cup with a weak defense, let alone one of the best in the league.  This would be a trade the Blues would make simply to make a push to win the Stanley Cup this season, and then could buy him out at the end of the year or try to trade him themselves.  That is if Luongo could get through the playoffs without choking.  Although, if he did, Halak would be there to back him up.

GM Doug Armstrong knows all too well though that such a trade would not benefit the team for the future, and is exactly why he would never even approach Vancouver to make such a deal.  The whole thought of Luongo in a Blues jersey is just hypothetical, but it could mean a big difference.  Personally the thought of two elite goaltenders does sound nice, but Luongo is not really a fit for the St. Louis Blues.

For now though, in reality, Blues fans will get the privilege to cheer on two great goalies to start this season and will hopefully have the same sort of success without having to trade for a guy nearing the twilight of his career.

What about you Blues fans, what are some fantasy trades that you could see or would like to see the Blues make?  Do you think the other team would reciprocate?  Do you think the Blues should keep their roster in tact, like me?

As always, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan

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