Would the St. Louis Blues Have Interest in Scott Gomez?

Probably not, but the St. Louis Blues are always looking for ways to add to their depth.  According to the The Fourth Period, “Scott Gomez is already getting some interest for when he’s bought out and becomes a free agent. It’s possible that he could be picked up before the start of the season. All interest is coming from the Western Conference, with as many as 5 teams interested.”  Which 5 teams remains left to be seen, but the St. Louis Blues could be one of them.  In a shortened season, it is always good to have an extra man to go to in case of injury.

Part of Scott Gomez’s game is more than may meet the eye, while his offensive performance has never been what it was with the New York Rangers, Gomez is still able to move the puck really well and could be an asset on the powerplay, where the Blues have struggled in the past several seasons.

I personally don’t see the St. Louis Blues having any interest in Gomez, but you never know.  According to Dennis Bernstein via twitter, “Can add Canucks to the list of teams interested in Gomez.”  This is a situation that would make a lot more sense.  There was talk last week that the Vancouver Canucks may have interest in Jason Arnott due to injuries they are dealing with this season and needing to add a few more players up front.  While that has not panned out as of yet, Scott Gomez could be a guy that would make a lot more sense to the Canucks.

No matter who signs Scott Gomez after he is bought out, keep in mind that the Montreal Canadiens are still on the hook for paying his salary this season so Gomez will actually have a higher salary than he was supposed to if he is picked up.  We will keep you updated on this and other NHL news.  That’s all for now, and, as always, LET’S GO BLUES!

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