A St. Louis Blues Valentine

Tonight is the start of a new love affair in the city of St. Louis.  Tonight, the defending Central Division Champions will be taking on the Detroit Red Wings for the season and home opener.  Tonight will be the first night that Blues fans will get to see Vladimir Tarasenko and Jaden Schwartz on the same roster.  Tonight will be the first night that Blues fans will get to enjoy the Central Division Champions banner.  Tonight will be the first night that Blues fans will get the new lineup for 2013.  Tonight will be the first night that Blues fans will get to see their team beat the Red Wings in the new season (hopefully, although I would never bet against the Blues).

It is a special night, so it has me thinking about other special nights.  The St. Louis Blues hold a special place in my heart, but one person holds a much more special place in my heart.  My better half is just that, my better half.  While I live, breathe, eat, dream, and talk about the Blues almost constantly, she somehow commands much more of my attention.  So with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, thoughts of what to get her for this special day in our relationship come to mind.

Searching the internet for the perfect gift, there is nothing very original to get that special person in your life.  For me, that special person deserves something as special as she is, so St. Louis Blues merchandise obviously comes to mind, but where can you find something special and original for that perfect partner in your life?

Well, luckily for me, my fiancé is as crafty as they come and her obsession with Etsy has made it a little easier for me and other St. Louis Blues fans looking for that perfect gift for Valentine’s, a birthday, or any other special occasion you can think of.  Just check out this treasury that she has made, it has everything a Blues fan could want.

So if you are a Blues fan and you want to get something special for that special person in your life, check out her list and pick up something handmade and special.  She updates these things all the time and will keep adding new items, so really, keep checking back.

So tonight, as a new love affair is created in the city of St. Louis, think long and hard about what to get yourself or your partner that represents your love and just as importantly, your love of the St. Louis Blues.


-Alex Hodschayan

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