St. Louis Blues, St. Louis Cardinals - Stan Musial Tributes

Sports fans in the city of St. Louis all know the importance of Stan “The Man” Musial.  An icon of sports in St. Louis, the Cardinal hero that played in one of the most decorated eras in St. Louis Cardinals history passed away on Saturday.

While hockey fans are not always baseball fans, the city of St. Louis lost one of its favorite sons and everyone will feel the loss throughout the city.  Surely the St. Louis Cardinals will pay proper tribute to the Cardinals great, but the St. Louis Blues should have their own tribute as well.

At Saturday night’s home opener, the St. Louis Blues put up a slide on the big screen as a memorial to Stan Musial, but the players made their own tribute by netting 6 goals in memory of Musial’s number, or so I would like to think.

With one less legend living on this earth, it is times like these that we must remember how important this history of our teams are.  Much like the St. Louis Blues’ new marketing campaign remembering the great players of the past, we will always remember Stan the Man.

With a heavy heart, that is all for now Blues fans, LET’S GO BLUES, and in memory of Stan, LET’S GO CARDS!.

-Alex Hodschayan

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