David Backes' Major Penalty is Rescinded by NHL

Referees in the NHL are known for favoring the Red Wings and Friday was no exception to that.  While the Blues were called throughout the game for tripping, unsportsman like conduct, high sticking, and other unnecessary calls, perhaps the worst call that the NHL has made this season was the five minute major and game misconduct for the “hit to the head” that David Backes supposedly laid on Kent Huskins in the third period.

The St. Louis Blues had fought back from a 2-0 deficit in Friday night’s game, the Blues were in a position to win the game early in the third and to bring it in to overtime late in the third.  Then this happened:

While everyone watching the game on Friday knew the call was inaccurate, except for Wings fans wanting retribution from the slashing the Blues gave the Wings on opening night, the referees and linesman in the game agreed that Backes had committed one of the worst of crimes in the NHL.

Well, now that the game is over, the Wings stole at least one point from the Blues, and Backes was the talk of many debates, the NHL has rescinded the penalty.  Effectively it is like the penalty never happened, but tell that to St. Louis Blues fans.  Maybe the minutes and call won’t stay on the books, the “power play” goal scored by the Red Wings will stay on the books.

It is just too little too late from the NHL.  These types of calls should be a wake up to the NHL that perhaps they need to begin to review these calls in game before making them temporarily official.

What do you think Blues fans?  What should the NHL do to make this up to the Blues and the fans?

Stay tuned for a more in depth article about the hit and the circumstances around the hit from Staff Writer Alex Steinmeyer.

As always, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan

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