David Backes' Major Penalty is Rescinded by NHL

Referees in the NHL are known for favoring the Red Wings and Friday was no exception to that.  While the Blues were called throughout the game for tripping, unsportsman like conduct, high sticking, and other unnecessary calls, perhaps the worst call that the NHL has made this season was the five minute major and game misconduct for the “hit to the head” that David Backes supposedly laid on Kent Huskins in the third period.

The St. Louis Blues had fought back from a 2-0 deficit in Friday night’s game, the Blues were in a position to win the game early in the third and to bring it in to overtime late in the third.  Then this happened:

While everyone watching the game on Friday knew the call was inaccurate, except for Wings fans wanting retribution from the slashing the Blues gave the Wings on opening night, the referees and linesman in the game agreed that Backes had committed one of the worst of crimes in the NHL.

Well, now that the game is over, the Wings stole at least one point from the Blues, and Backes was the talk of many debates, the NHL has rescinded the penalty.  Effectively it is like the penalty never happened, but tell that to St. Louis Blues fans.  Maybe the minutes and call won’t stay on the books, the “power play” goal scored by the Red Wings will stay on the books.

It is just too little too late from the NHL.  These types of calls should be a wake up to the NHL that perhaps they need to begin to review these calls in game before making them temporarily official.

What do you think Blues fans?  What should the NHL do to make this up to the Blues and the fans?

Stay tuned for a more in depth article about the hit and the circumstances around the hit from Staff Writer Alex Steinmeyer.

As always, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan

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  • Richard Cranium

    Outside of the Backes call in the 3rd period, there were a couple of other calls that shouldn’t have happened ! That wicked slash ( by the Redwings standards ) on Zetterberg in the first & then the ensuing penalty called on the same power play, just goes to show the league was in it, for the Wings to win it ! Apparently, the Redwings aren’t allowed to be embarrassed by a second rate team like the Blues ( the back half of that statement is a joke of course . ) ! It just makes me think that the league doesn’t want to see Canadian teams, or teams in markets similar to the Blues win a Stanley Cup Championship . Sure, they’ll try and blow smoke up my ass, by saying ” we have not, & will not impede any team on trying to win the cup ” ! I guess that’s true to a certain extent, teams like Chicago, & Los Angeles, or star studded teams like Pittsburg, & Detroit will always get that little something extra from the league !

    But, that’s just my humble opinion .

    • Alex Hodschayan

      Thanks for sharing and good input. The league does favor certain teams, but I don’t think they will impede the Blues from winning a cup. This was not a playoff game, and if it were I think they would have reviewed the call more before making their decision. With that said, the Wings were favored by the officials, and typically are in Detroit. It is a shame and the call was bad press for the NHL and the game.

  • Micah Nitzsche

    Absolute joke. The Blues, Blue’s fans, Redwings and Redwing’s fans all know that the Redwings are, by their usual standards, in trouble this year, but the zebras refused to let their beloved Wings go quietly into the night on that evening. Anyone else find it interesting that THAT game was nationally televised on the NHL Network? The NHL knows that generally nobody wants to tune in to the NHL Network to see an “Original Six” team get embarrassed for the second time in as many weeks by a group of young, talented WIDELY UN-HEARD OF rookies. No, sir!

    • Alex Hodschayan

      Thanks for sharing and good input. The way the refs favor Detroit is no secret and anyone outside of Motown will tell you that. Wings fans are very concerned about their rep within the league, but they know that they are given the better half of the stick most nights. That call changed the game and cost the Blues at least one point. It was a hard fought game and that call made the entire match a joke.

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.laferriere.7 Larry LaFerriere

    You people are outrageous and this article is pathetic, red wing fans will tell you that call was bogus, but then you complain about every call made against the Blues. I know your memory isn’t the greatest, but the game was tied when that power play goal was called. For you people to state that the league favors the wings is just pathetic. Yes you hammered the Wings in the first game if the season after an extended break. They should just hand you the Stanley Cup, you guys beat the Wings. You are just salty that the Kings won a cup before you did. Great game by the Wings AND the Blues, it’s a shame that call was made, but up until that goal it was anybody’s game and to suggest that the Wings had no chance just shows your inflated egos. Detroit isn’t as bad as everyone is making them out to be, jeez you would think they were called the Maple Leafs or something.

    • Alex Hodschayan

      It also shows that the game was a farce. It was a close game, even late in the game. To give the Wings 5 minutes with a man advantage, late in the game, kick out one of the Blues best penalty killers, and then come back after the fact and say, “Oops, we made a mistake”, is not acceptable. The Wings played a good game, but they did not deserve the man advantage which cost the Blues the game. Also note, the Blues killed off more than 2 minutes before the Wings got the goal and outplayed the Wings for the rest of the game.

  • Brian

    It was a bogus call, but I agree with Larry – the Wings certainly do not get favoritism from the refs. If that was the case, Tomas Holmstrom would have scored a few dozen more goals in his career (check out all of the phantom goaltender interference calls that are easily found on YouTube). Blown calls go each way, but since the Wings generally play a pretty clean, less physical game (with a few exceptions like Kronwall, Tootoo, and Abdelkader), it probably seems like they get more breaks because they legitimately take fewer penalties.

    The bottom line is that yes, maybe more calls need to be reviewed by video replay, but you can make that point and sound a lot smarter about it when you don’t add in all the “Wings’ favoritism” nonsense. Approach it with a reasonable head and you’ll get a significantly more receptive audience.

    • Alex Hodschayan

      Thank you for the comments Brian. I appreciate you reading and giving your opinion as well. I think fans of about any team in the league would say that the Wings get the better side of a lot of calls in the NHL. I know in nationally televised games including playoff games, it is sometimes the topic of conversation as well. I agree that the Wings play a pretty clean game for the most part, but that is not what the issue is or has been. The issue is that the guys in stripes seem to call more penalties against teams in Detroit than necessary. Detroit’s cleaner style of play could be one reason that it seems accentuated, but other teams are still called for things that would normally be let go. Again, thanks for reading and for your thoughts. Like you said, the main thing here is more review is needed.

  • NHF Fan

    I agree Alex. Refs to favor the Reg Wings. Always have. Yes Detroit is having a rough year and refs seem to still make calls in favor of them. I believe in giving a penalty when needed but they need to have something they can look at or someone up in the box that can confirm or deny the call.

    • Alex Hodschayan

      Thanks for sharing! Appreciate the input and support of the site.