Brian Elliott Has Best Super Bowl Pick in Recent History

While most of the United States tuned into the Super Bowl last night, not everyone is a football fan.  I, for one, am not a football fan.  I don’t get the excitement people get when watching the sport or the thrill they can have watching their team play just 16 games.  For someone who grew up watching baseball, hockey, and soccer, it seems like 16 games is just long enough for players to get used to their teams and to start/end a streak, but maybe that is just me.

Many people argued over whether the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers would win the epic match, but others were more light hearted.  The St. Louis Blues made their picks on who would win the game.  Barret Jackman picked the CFL’s Rough Riders.  Alex Pietrangelo couldn’t decide between the two.  But Brian Elliott had the best pick on the entire St. Louis Blues roster.

It sounds like Elliott might be more of a fan of the Puppy Bowl than the Super Bowl which, sadly, I can understand.  The big question is, did Labrador Puppies win the Puppy Bowl?

What do you all think of football?  Is it your go to sport, your back up sport, something you watch to waste time?  Is it a sport you don’t like?  Let us know in the comments below.

As always, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan


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