T.J. Oshie Being Sued Over Damage to Penthouse Suite

The St. Louis Blues are a young hockey team and sometimes that is hard to remember, but other times it becomes all too clear.  While T.J. Oshie is better known for scoring goals, setting up plays, and playing physical hockey, he is now in the headlines for another reason.

The Courthouse News Service is reporting that the St. Louis Blues winger is being sued by his former landlord for damages to the property caused by Oshie’s two dogs.

Defendant’s unit is commonly referred to as a ‘penthouse,’ which is located on the top of the building and has an outdoor patio which opens off of the main living area through four (4) large Kolbe custom made window/door units, giving a panoramic view of the City of St. Louis skyline,” the complaint states.

Defendant, during the lease term, maintained two dogs which he customarily kept locked out onto the patio. During defendant’s tenancy, said dogs scratched and/or chewed on the custom screens, causing them to suffer irreparable damage necessitating the need for their replacement.

Ask any dog owner and they can tell you that dogs who are locked outside have the tendency to scratch at the door to get in.  Nothing about the report seems out of line, except the alleged costs.

Buckingham [landlord] claims the dogs did $11,026.92 in damages and it will cost another $1,000 to repaint or stain the door frames.  Oshie paid $3,750 a month rent – including utilities, sewer, trash, satellite TV and Internet services, according to the complaint.

Luckily for Oshie, that amount of money shouldn’t be hard to come by.  Still, this shows a little more insight into just how young this team is.  While older players in the league are married, own homes, and stay out of the headlines, Oshie still has a bit of growing up to do.

Hopefully while Oshie is making headlines for being sued he can manage to make headlines for the Blues on Tuesday night when the Blues take the ice again.

As always, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan

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  • http://predlines.com/ Jason Kirk

    Sounds like the “growing up” Oshie has to do consists of either:

    a) finding a landlord who isn’t a jerk, or
    b) buying his own place.

    • Alex Hodschayan

      He really should just buy his own place. He won’t be going anywhere soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1050966942 Tom Walter

    First thoughts . . . One continues to wonder why high profile individuals private lives are scrutinized by the media but I guess there are always slow news days and of course, we’ve got to keep those ratings up. In any case, the reference about the Blues being a “young hockey team” in this story seems out of place and really has nothing to do with the other. This article would have been fine without the mentioning of the Blues so called youth.

    • Alex Hodschayan

      Thanks, Tom. I appreciate the input. I added that into the article because I think fans forget that these guys are still growing up. It shows on the ice, and in their personal lives. Thanks again for reading!

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