Could the St. Louis Blues sign Dan DeKeyser?

The St. Louis Blues are looking for help on the blueline, but could that help come from a college student?  Maybe is the only simple answer.  The St. Louis Blues, along with just about every other team in the NHL, are in the hunt to sign Western Michigan’s Dan DeKeyser.

DeKeyser is a left handed shooting, defensive defenseman.  Yes, the exact kind of defenseman that the Blues have been looking for to pair with Pietrangelo, but he is lacking the one thing that Blues GM Doug Armstrong seems to want to have in that pairing, experience.  Still, at 6’3” and 198 pounds, DeKeyser seems to be NHL ready and could be the low cost solution that the Blues really need to find.  In 118 games with Western Michigan, DeKeyser has put up a solid 49 points and has managed a respectable +24.

While DeKeyser is the hot item right now, the Blues may have a few advantages when it comes to swaying the rookie to join the St. Louis Blues.  It has been reported by multiple sources that the one and only Al MacInnis has been scouting DeKeyser, and if he has had an opportunity to talk with him you can bet that he has had more than a little sway.  Also, DeKeyser’s coach happens to be Andy Murray.  Yes, the same Andy Murray that was once the coach of the St. Louis Blues and who seemed to like being in St. Louis quite a bit.  Remember too that Murray still has a lot of connections in St. Louis, and it might be reasonable to think that Murray would sway DeKeyser into thinking about the Blues.

While about 20 teams are looking to sign DeKeyser, there have been talks that the Detroit Red Wings have the upper hand given their proximity of the young player and given that he grew up in Michigan so he is/was probably a Red Wings fan.  The Edmonton Oilers are also throwing everything they have at DeKeyser by having Justin Schultz talk to him about his life as an Oiler and the upside of playing in Edmonton.  The Oilers won’t stop there though, as they intend to have Vice President of Hockey Operations Craig MacTavish try and sway the youngster as well.

Only time will tell who signs DeKeyser, but he is supposedly traveling with all of his gear so that once he does sign a deal he is ready to go.  Teams are expected to meet with DeKeyser in Toronto to make their pitches, and let’s hope the Blues can lock up this top prospect.

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-Alex Hodschayan

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  • bluenotebacker

    Been hearing about Mac’s recruiting attempts but i’ll be shocked if the Dead Things don’t end up with this guy. Will be a huge coup if St. Louis can lure him south.

    • Richard Cranium

      I agree ! I too, would be surprised if he signed with anybody other than the Redwings . How cool would it be though, if he did sign with the Blues ?

      • Alex Hodschayan

        If he wants to be on a contending team, the Blues are the better pick. The Red Wings are going to be a lot of pressure too, playing in front of your hometown friends and family. He will make a smart hockey decision, not one based on his fandom. With that said, if it were me, I would pick the team I loved, so maybe the Wings get him. Either way, you never know.