Dallas Stars and Carolina Hurricanes Get New Jerseys, Are St. Louis Blues Next?

There are very few things in life that will get fans more excited than new jerseys.

Yesterday, the Dallas Stars and Carolina Hurricanes both unveiled their new jerseys to the public to mixed reviews.  While many fans can’t seem to wait to see their team’s next sweater, they are not always so happy once they do.

Look back into the St. Louis Blues history.  Remember the mid-90’s when the Blues adorned themselves with bright red and yellow in what so many of us call the clown sweaters?  Looking back, maybe they weren’t that bad, or maybe they were worse but now we feel sentimental about them.

Although there have been rumors floating around about the Blues getting a new look, it won’t be this season.  The deadline to turn in requests to Reebok has passed and teams would no longer have the time to design and create their new looks.

The Dallas Stars decided to go back to the days of green sweaters and unveiled a completely new logo.  This is what the new design will look like:

The Hurricanes on the other hand have decided to go with a more traditional hockey look akin to that of the Detroit Red Wings or Canadian National team.  Here is what the Canes will sport in 2013-14:

So with all the talk about new jerseys, can we expect the Blues to be having their own unveil anytime soon?  Well, for those familiar with Blues Owner Tom Stillman, it is no secret that the Blues third jersey, no matter how beloved by fans, is going to the scrap heap.  Stillman has never liked the design of the new logo including the Arch and was not a fan of the dark navy either.  While the Blues will keep the third jersey around until they do decide to rework their uniforms, it is not known if Stillman will want to keep a third jersey around in the new designs.  The home and away jerseys probably won’t see much of a change, if any, in the coming seasons but you can expect that if there is a change in uniforms it will favor a more retro look.

So while the Blues will not be getting new jerseys anytime soon, it is on the to do list for the new ownership group.

What do you think, Blues fans?  Should the Blues be looking to update their look?  What would you like to see in a new uniform?  Let us know in the comments below.


-Alex Hodschayan




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