Daily Poll: Is Ty Rattie NHL Ready?

Ty Rattie is set to be a scoring machine in the AHL, but his size is a concern for many when looking forward to an NHL career.

Today, we ask you if you think Rattie is ready for NHL action.

Is Ty Rattie Ready for the NHL?

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-Alex Hodschayan

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  • Dashley R

    Why does everybody think that just because you are a little smaller that you can’t make it in the NHL? Hmmm, lets look at big Marty St. Louis, what a monster he is standing at a staggering 5’8″ and a whopping 180lbs. 912 points in 979 NHL games. 68 points in 63 NHL playoff games… Obviously you can see that being a little smaller can be an advantage if you have hockey sense, speed and good awareness.

    Maybe Rattie needs to gain 10lbs of muscle, I wouldn’t disagree with that opinion, but I think we should see what he can do before any presumptions are made.