Daily Poll: Most Hated St. Louis Blues Rival

The St. Louis Blues have created rivalries throughout the years with many teams.

In today’s daily poll we want you to tell us who is your most hated rival in Blues history.  Not on the list, then tell us in the comments below!

Who is the Most Hated Blues Rival of the Past?

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-Alex Hodschayan

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  • JGibsonDem

    My list of the Blues most hated rivals:
    1. Detroit Red Soviet Commie Wings
    2. Chicago Blackhawks
    3. Nashville Sexual Predators
    4. Los Angeles Kings
    5. Vancouver Canucks
    6. Minnesota Wild
    7. Dallas Stars/Minnesota North Stars

  • Lauryn

    I have to say, as a big time Blues fan, I seriously cannot stand the Chicago Black hawks. Of course, the Red Wings bring tension with them when the team comes to St. Louis, but I think the Black hawks are our biggest rivalry.

  • Dashley R

    I used to hate teams, but I have grown to respect most of them. I think Colorado, Detroit and LA are the teams I can’t stand our team losing to. Detroit because of the past, LA because of the playoffs and Colorado because of that rat Mark Olver. His hit on Tarasenko was unacceptable and I couldn’t believe there were no consequences for his actions. Hopefully he will feel the repercussions on the ice.