EA Sports NHL 14 Introduces NHL 94 Mode for Retro Appeal

The NHL offseason is full of ups and downs for hockey fans, but there is always one thing to count on, the EA Sports NHL franchise.

NHL 14 brings a lot of new features to the NHL hockey franchise, but perhaps none will be met with more anticipation than there latest announcement.

In 1994 EA began what would become the most iconic hockey video grame title with EA Sports NHL 94.

Since 1994 we have been graced with a new game each season and the only change to the name being the addition of the upcoming season.  EA will keep in that tradition with their 20th anniversary edition with the release of NHL 14.

For their anniversary, the NHL franchise announced today that the game will feature an NHL 94 Anniversary Mode in NHL 14.

According to their press release:

Built using the NHL 14 game engine, NHL 94 Anniversary Mode takes uses classic button controls to deliver big goals, bigger hits and spectacular speed, taking fun to a whole new level. The mode also offers nods to its hockey video gaming roots through a retro presentation style including blue ice, classic star-shaped player indicators, organ music and a few more surprises. Recognized as one of the most popular games of its era and the title that put the NHL videogame franchise on the map, NHL 94 Anniversary Mode gives another generation of players a new way to play old school hockey.

So while we are sure you were already anxious to get your hands on the game, this new feature will bring even more gamers out upon NHL 14’s release.

Check out the trailer for the new mode too, it looks great!

I know that I played the NHL series way too much back then, but one feature that I hope it has is the pools of blood that would form on the ice from injuries.

What do you think Blues’ fans?  Are you excited about the anniversary mode?  Let us know in the comments below.


-Alex Hodschayan

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