Betting tips on the NHL

Unfortunately for many Ice hockey frequently comes in behind other big sports like football and basket when it comes to media and press coverage. This however doesn’t mean that the NHL doesn’t have a large and dedicated group of supporters. Many of these fans will apart from watching the games and follow their favorite teams also like ice hockey betting. With the new season still in the early stages it is difficult to say who will take the cup this year but more and more people will be starting to put their bets in. The bookmakers are favoring the Pittsburgh Penguins for the title and the reigning champions, the Chicago Blackhawks, but there are still plenty of room for surprises from both the eastern and western conference.

As a St. Louis Blues fan the next match will be on the 1st of November against the panthers, with odds slightly in the favor of the Blues. The overall Odds for the blues winning the cup are at the moment 10/1 and winning the Western conference bookmakers give them odds around 5/1. Not a bad set of odds. This would be a gamble worth taking. You could also check out the ice hockey slots game Break away.

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