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Ryan Callahan is not a fit for St. Louis Blues (now)

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The Ryan Callahan to the St. Louis Blues trade rumor has been circulating for a few days now. We’ve done a few write-ups about it here at Bleedin’ Blue, and odds are you’ve already formulated your opinion about the matter.

Either you think that he’s the missing piece and would put the Blues over the top and on a jet aimed straight at ending that horrendous 45 season long Stanley Cup drought—or you think that St. Louis should hang onto what they’ve got in place and move right along.

If you’re in the former camp and want to see the Blues land the captain of the New York Rangers, we’ve got one last little piece of information for you to chew on. On TSN’s Insider Trading last night, Darren Dreger revealed that Callahan wasn’t looking for $6 million a year as had previously been reported.

Instead, it’s being reported that he’s looking for at least $7 million across seven years. This, of course, after the Rangers made one last effort to sign him a few days ago to an offer that looks much more reasonable.

Did the David Clarkson deal really throw of the NHL’s economics this badly? That a meat and potatoes guy like Callahan—who has never scored more than 55 points in a season—can ask for top-25 player in the league money? Either he’s high balling it to increase the likelihood of landing in the originally reported $6 million range, or he’s off his rocker.

Blocking shots has a value. Being a heart and soul player has a value. Then again, so does having some sort of grasp on the marketplace and understanding your own value. Callahan clearly doesn’t in this case, and while some general manager somewhere—probably Philadelphia or Calgary—will be more than happy to shell out that kind of money for Callahan, that number should have the Blues slowly backing away with their hands in the air.

Would he help their Stanley Cup chances? Absolutely. What’s the cost though? There’s no reason to shell out futures and draft picks for a guy that you’re not going to re-sign, and there’s no reason to believe that St. Louis has suddenly lost the ability to control spending. Traditionally, this is one of the most frugal and intelligent management groups in all of hockey.

Why change that all of a sudden for Callahan? If they want to blow the bank on someone this summer, there are better options available. At 28-years-old, he knows that this might be his last chance to grab a big payday, and more power to him for taking a stab at becoming the most ridiculed contract in hockey since Scott Gomez, but the Blue shouldn’t be taking part in these discussions any longer if Dreger’s reports are accurate.

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