David Backes forms The Meat Line with Dustin Brown and Ryan Callahan


David Backes has clicked with Dustin Brown and Ryan Callahan to form what has been one of the top lines in the 2014 Winter Olympics to this point. All three players bring the blue-collar mentality that head coach Dan Bylsma wanted his team to have, and he’s leaned on them heavily.

The trio has rewarded Bylsma by putting up piles of points and by playing the body at any given opportunity. Backes—captain of the St. Louis once he returns to his day job of being an NHL power-forward—in particular has been dynamite. The combination has been so good that they’ve even earned a line nickname from their teammates.

So what is the trio of Backes-Brown-Callahan referred to as in the locker room and on the bench? The Meat Line, of course.

Backes spoke to Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports about the reasoning behind the moniker and shared its origins story:

I’m the beef. Dustin Brown’s the pork. Callahan’s the chicken. So that’s our meat line…  Derek Stepan had a lot of input on that. He’s been a guy who only got into one game, but he’s added a lot of character in the room… He initially wanted to make sure that Callahan was the chicken out of the group. Then we had to figure out who was beef and pork.

It’s a shame that the trio won’t be intact for too much longer. It’d be a lot of fun to hear Darren Pang talk about The Meat Line on a nightly basis during local St. Louis Blues broadcasts.


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