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Ryan Miller to St. Louis Blues Reportedly Would Cost Jake Allen

It’s nothing new to hear that the St. Louis Blues are hot on the trail of Ryan Miller. They’ve been kicking tires with the Buffalo Sabres all season long about the 33-year-old pending free agent, but the question all along has been “what will it cost the Blues to land him?”

We seem to have a better idea of that now than we did before.

TSN’s infamous hockey insider Darren Dreger gives us this little tidbit. It probably wouldn’t be Jaroslav Halak or Brian Elliott heading to Buffalo in a possible deal with the Sabres. It’d be current AHLer, Jake Allen.

Allen is an interesting name to hear tossed around because of the way his contract is structured. The first season of the deal—the current campaign—is a two-way pact. That changes for the 2014-15 season. Allen will be on a one-way deal after this year is over, and will be making $850,000 regardless of where he suits up.

If the Blues are perfectly content in moving forward with Halak and Elliott as their tandem, then moving out Allen before his one-year deal kicks in  makes sense. Then again, why would the team trade for Miller if they were content with Halak and Elliott in the first place?

St. Louis started the season in a bit if goalie limbo and it doesn’t appear that the storyline will be going away any time soon. So what do you think? Is picking up Miller for a run at the Stanley Cup worth trading Allen for? Sound off in the comments below.


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  • Chris Harl

    Would like to see miller as #1 and allen as a back up….if possible.

    • Jake Debo

      Totally agree Allen is the best goalie in the AHL and has looked good in his limited NHL time if it came down to keeping allen or getting miller I would keep Allen because it looks like he might become the elite goaltender the Blues need he is to important to the blues future to give up