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Ryan Miller a late scratch, trade to St. Louis Blues "imminent"

As the Buffalo Sabres geared up to take on the San Jose Sharks tonight, Ryan Miller was pulled off the ice as a late scratch. After a season of speculation, has the top-end netminder finally been traded away from the only team that he has ever known? It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s being reported that a deal with the St. Louis Blues is imminent.

Again, it’s important to note that this is not a confirmed deal, but Miller was slated to play this evening. Buffalo is now icing only one goalie and 17 skaters after pulling Steve Ott off of the ice as well. It’s unclear whether or not the duo were moved in the same deal, or if they’ll be heading in separate directions.

This would end months of speculation in St. Louis. It’s believed that the team isn’t comfortable with Jaroslav Halak moving forward, and a deal for Miller would arguably cement the least sturdy part of their team as they make a charge for the Stanley Cup. Buffalo wasn’t exactly looking for beans in a deal for their No. 1 goalie, so if a deal with the Blues has gone down it will be interesting to see who goes the other way.

Stat tuned. The NHL trade deadline just got real.

UPDATE: Several sources confirming that Ott will be headed to the same team as Miller.


Does that make Halak the odd man out? And is he really all that bad? Details as the become available.

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