Ryan Miller, Steve Ott to St. Louis Blues for Jaroslav Halak, Chris Stewart and William Carrier


Ryan Miller has been traded to the St. Louis Blues along with Steve Ott for Chris Stewart, William Carrier and Jaroslav Halak. After the netminder and Ott were pulled off of the ice just before the Buffalo Sabres took on the San Jose Sharks, it was reported that a trade to the Blues was imminent.

After months of speculation and swirling rumors, it has been confirmed by both teams that Miller and Ott are headed to St. Louis in a five-player deal.

This is a monster trade that changes the complexions of both teams in a big way. Stewart was falling out of grace in St. Louis anyway, while Halak never seemed to have the faith of the Blues’ brass behind him. In Miller, the Blues pick up a big-game goalie for their Stanley Cup run.

The addition of Ott shouldn’t be ignored either. He’s a gritty gamer that will play a Ken Hitchcock brand of hockey without any questions. Get ready for a run at the Cup St. Louis. Looks like the Blues just went all in.

UPDATE: It appears that there are picks involved in the deal as well.


Stay tuned for BleedinBlue.com for analysis of this massive trade.


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  • bluenotebacker

    I was ready to say the Blues overpaid, but stepping back and taking a breath, I think they did okay. Miller’s cap hit is what it is because he’s perceived as a top-tier guy by many, and you have to give to get in this league. The extra 2016 pick? Maybe too much, but overall, I think Army is putting his team in the position he feels they have the best chance to win.

    I didn’t feel like they HAD to make this deal, but I have no problem with it

  • Darrell Grob

    The big winner in this is Jake Allen. He’ll be the back up next season instead of Elliott. He’ll get to be the starter after Miller’s time in STL is over. The main reason Miller was brought in was to go mano y mano with Quick. And in that context it was a good move. Halak is a very good goalie but not a monster like Miller and Quick. I really like Ott in this trade. It feels like we have a second Backes out there getting some big hits in. I saw a stat that in the last several seasons Ott ranked first in hits, Backes second. Nice. Should make some players on the other teams a little worried.