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Brian Elliott With a Game-Saving Stop against Wild (Video)

Brian Elliott is the clear No. 2 goalie for the St. Louis Blues now that Ryan Miller is in town, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not competent. If you’re looking for a heart-stopping save, than Elliott came up with one as the Minnesota Wild pushed to break a 2-2 tie against the Blues during the third period of last night’s game.

That’s a monster ssave. The Blues wouldn’t come up with a goal in the third period, so for all intents and purposes we can call this a game saver. St. Louis would go on to win the game in the shootout, but it seems likely that the contest wouldn’t have gone on to that point without this heroic save from Elliott.

An entire arena full of people thought that puck went in the net. Mikael Granlund‘s heart was probably in his throat, believing that he’d just scored the go-ahead goal for his team. The only person who still thought Elliott had a chance to  make that save was Elliott, and he lunged across with his paddle and made a magnificent stop.

The Blues would go on to win, but that probably wouldn’t have been the case without Elliott and his reaction save.


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