St. Louis Blues Playoff Memories, the Good, the Bad, and (Mostly) Ugly

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April 30, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

For most of their existence, the St. Louis Blues have been a mainstay in the NHL Playoffs. Disappointingly for Blues fans, they’ve never hoisted Lord Stanley’s prize, but it’s not been for lack of trying.

The St. Louis Blues franchise came into the NHL in 1968 and many long-time fans know that they promptly advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals in all three of their first three seasons, 1968, ’69, and ’70. Fantastic start, yes? It was, but then again it wasn’t. The Blues were swept out of all three Finals, 4-games to none and haven’t returned to the promised-land since.

Those Cup Finals were before I was born so I only know them from video and the history books. While they were good enough to get there, they ran up against some high-powered opponents including the Montreal Canadiens twice, a team with future Hall of Famers such as Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard, Dick Duff and Gump Worsley.

In 1970, the Blues found themselves again in the Finals, this time against the Boston Bruins, in a series that produced one of the most, if not THE most unforgettable and iconic images in hockey history. Bobby Orr scoring the game and Cup winning goal in overtime in spectacular fashion:

Guess who made that famous call? St. Louis’s own John Kelly.

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