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Ken Hitchcock Plans on "Blowing Up" Lines After Loss to Avalanche

The St. Louis Blues were blown out by the visiting Colorado Avalanche earlier today. In a game that was mired by a handful of game misconducts and David Backs chucking the gloves on Nathan MacKinnon, head coach Ken Hitchcock wasn’t taking the time to take pot shots like Patrick Roy.

Instead, he’s already looking ahead to the next contest and considering ways to make the team better moving forward.

It’s one thing to think that the Blues lines looked like they were a step behind, but this has been Colorado’s operation all season long. They rely on Semyon Varlamov to stop a high number of shots while shooting at a high percentage as well. St. Louis came out flying in the first period and took 14 shots on goal, but they weren’t able to sustain that momentum.

The Avalanche found the back of the net three times in a second period that they dominated, and that was the difference in the game. Ryan Miller couldn’t keep up with Varlamov, and the Blues were visibly frustrated as the game wore on. That came to a boil with just over five minutes remaining as every player that was out on the ice was given a game misconduct.

St. Louis doesn’t have a lot of time to dwell on this loss. They’ll host the Chicago Blackhawks tomorrow. Hitchcock will apparently have different line combinations for the contest, and it will be interesting to see how he shakes things up for the defending Stanley Cup champions.


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  • Chris Sanchez

    Say what you want about Roy and the type of person/coach all you want but his comments were not wrong about Backes. Also, for as classy as Hitchcock wants to seem he knew this was going and regretted not putting out his biggest goon on the team. Hitchcock should be treated the same way Harley and Tort were for their incident earlier in the season. Hitchcock wants to open his mouth but he is just as much of a punk and ass as Patrick. Umm, hello the Blues rely on their goaltending as well, if they didn’t they would not be a good team at all. its the reason why they TRADED for Miller because they knew their current Goalies were not good enough to win the playoffs.

    • bluenotebacker

      Calling Backes “gutless” is laughable, from anyone, much less a wild cannon like Roy, and particularly from a guy coaching a player like Bordeleau. If you look up “gutless” in the dictionary it shows Bordeleau’s picture

  • erussell

    “Hitch” regrets not gooning it up more? Roy is so in this guy’s head and there is every reason to believe that the Blues playoff run may be harder than previously thought at the trade deadline. Teams take their identity from their coach. Hitchcock wanted to advance the tired and stupid “code” of sending a message after the fourth goal by Colorado. Classless and bush league. But, hey, that’s always been “Hitch” who desperatly wants to be taken seriously even though he’s a second rate coach (a ton of talent in Dallas that made him look better than he was and an in-the-crease Cup win) and bitter individual. His real concern should be lack of scoring and his team’s character. Both running on empty. Real concern in that room after another loss; this time to Chicago. And Backes showed a complete lack of respect for the game through his actions Saturday. Again, the team takes their marching orders from their leaders. In this case a near has-been coach and a player not mature enough to have the “C” on his sweater.