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T.J. Oshie Forced Out of Blues Game Following Mike Rupp Headshot (GIF)

Bad news for T.J. Oshie and the St. Louis Blues. A team that is already without David Backes and Vladimir Tarasenko might be without another top-six forward following tonight’s game against the Minnesota Wild. Mike Rupp cut across towards an unsuspecting Oshie and made clear contact with the head.


Rupp was given a match penalty for the hit and ejected from the contest. Oshie remained down for a considerable amount of time before getting up and skating off the ice under his own power.

It was then announced by the team that the Blues forward wouldn’t be returning to finish the contest.

Oshie is among St. Louis’ top players and has scored 60 points in 78 games for the squad while averaging more than 19 minutes a game. Rupp, on the other hand was playing in his first game since February 1 and averages six minutes a night for the Wild. With Brendan Shanahan stepping down as the NHL’s head disciplinarian today, this is the league’s first chance to get a suspension call right.

That won’t help the Blues though, who are now down three of their top players with the playoffs less than a week away. Also worth of note: this contest was a potential first-round matchup.

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  • Dashley R

    This is a joke, vicious acts like this should be treated with a higher severity of consequence. How many Blues players have been concussed since Kariya? I understand that this is a physical sport and that accidents happen, but when you can see it was not an accident, how is a 4 game suspension going to teach anybody anything? Looks to me that if you land a debilitating hit you could neutralize that offensive player for possibly more games than you are suspended for giving your team the edge if they have to compete against each other again(especially if you are just a grinding 4th line goon your team won’t miss while you serve your suspension) and land yourself a short term vacation to catch up on some sleep.
    If you land an illegal hit to the head, you should not be allowed to play again until the injured player is cleared by the doctor to compete, simple as that. They should even be considering suspensions without pay for the duration of the injury, that would certainly reduce such occurrences.
    How will this ever stop if there are no real consequences to be afraid of unless you are a multi-repeat offender.