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David Backes Wouldn't Play In Game Three If It Were Today

The St. Louis Blues aren’t saying much about the injury to David Backes. He took a brutal hit to the head from Brent Seabrook in Game Two, and head coach Ken Hitchcock isn’t saying much about the Captain of his team. He did say that Backes wouldn’t be able to go if Game Three was played today, however.

If you’re a glass-half-full kind of person, then it’s good that Backes hasn’t been ruled out for Game Three already. If you’re a glass-half-empty type, then you would probably prefer to have Hitchcock to come right out and say “all is good, all is grand!” The reality of the situation seems to be somewhere between those two extremes, but missing Backes for even a single game could all Chicago to climb back into the series.

The NHL Department of Player Safety has decided to suspend Seabrook for three games for his head shot, but it’s tough to call that a wash. The Blues are heading into what will certainly be a rowdy home barn in Chicago, possibly without their Captain. Adding intrigue to the matchup is the fact that the ‘Hawks taunted Backes while he remained motionless on the ice during Game Two.

As if this one needed any more fuel on the fire.


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  • roger paul

    Typical ‘Hawk behavior….first a cheap shot , then taunting an injured player while he’s down…..what CLASS those Blackhawks possess!

  • Dashley R

    http://blackhawkup.com/2014/04/21/brent-seabrook-punishment-fit-crime/#comment-1349487257 Look at what the writers and fans say after the cheap shots. I understand that the hit on Backes was terrible, but the intentional illegal knee to knee hit put on Sobotka by Bickell was also disgusting. It is pretty terrible that he hasn’t received a call from the Player Safety Committee for such a hit just because Sobotka wasn’t injured. I understand that the competitive spirit rises in everybody fighting for the cup in the post season, but winning by injuring the other team is too low to put into words. If this series and game in general becomes a do whatever it takes to win no matter how extreme then they might as well bring knives on the ice with them. There has to be a line drawn somewhere.