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St. Louis Blues Lead Playoffs In Blocked Shots, Ken Hitchcock Doesn’t Care

It’s odd to see how differently NHL head coaches can approach the game. John Tortorella lives and dies by the blocked shot. It seems like St. Louis Blues bench boss Ken Hitchcock couldn’t care less about the stat. Through four games, no team in the league has gotten in the way of more rubber than the Blues.

That doesn’t impress Hitchcock though. After allowing the Chicago Blackhawks back into the series by losing Games Three and Four, the coach doesn’t seem to care much about how many shots St. Louis has blocked.

It’s an interesting stance from a guy that has kept the media guessing throughout the postseason to this point. Blocked shots don’t guarantee a victory by any stretch, but if a shot doesn’t make it to the goalie, it can’t end up in the net. To this point, the Blues have been better than anyone in terms of sacrificing the body to prevent shots, but it hasn’t necessarily been a good thing.

David Backes is still struggling with a foot that was injured by a shot, and teams that lay down in front of pucks end up with guys that are more banged up by the end of a series. Take Derek Roy for example, who was held out of Game Four due to bumps and bruises.

Hitchcock’s comments won’t deter the Blues from trying to block shots, but the line of questioning was interesting none the less.


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  • Dashley R

    I don’t like how some of the players talk about their game-play. They need to be grumpy, they need to be mad and they need to feel like they aren’t doing enough or that they are playing sloppy and on their heels too much. They need to feel responsible and that not finishing on chances is unacceptable. This is the Cup that 16 teams fight tooth and nail for every post season. You either clean up your game-play and the “oh well” attitude or you get to clean out your attic and find your golf clubs. They beat San Jose two years ago when they were younger and now it appears they are having troubles getting passed the first round. If they don’t win this next game, there better be some serious changes and discussions for next year. I’m not proud when I lose and they shouldn’t be either. It’s just like work, if your best isn’t good enough, you better learn to get better real fast or you’re going to be looking for new work. I personally do not think there is enough “junk/crotch grabbing” and yelling going on in the locker room. If that is what it takes to win then you better jump on the bandwagon son.