St. Louis Blues Get New Look, New Jerseys

On October 9th, 2014, the St. Louis Blues will take the ice with a whole new look thanks to a
new “retro” inspired jersey.

Since the Reebok era took over in the NHL the Blues have been one of the many teams to sport a modern looking jersey with no waist stripes and yellow piping down the sides of each sweater, but that look is being retired.

Since owner Tom Stillman took over the club just a few years ago, there have been rumblings that the team would completely alter its look and return to the powder blue colors of the 1960’s and 70’s.  Other rumors had the Blues doing away with the longtime Blue Note logo in favor of the circular logo on the team’s third jersey.

According to a sneak peak from the pros over at Icethetics, it looks like neither rumor is true.  Instead the team will revert to a sweater that looks a lot like the ones they wore from 1998-2007.  The waist stripes will return, this time with additional spacing, and the shoulder stripes will look a little more retro.


In addition, to help stop all of the counterfeits, the Blues are adding a “hanger effect” to their new jersey that reads Est. 1967 on the inside of the collar.  You will only be able to see this effect when not wearing the jersey, but it seems like a nice touch.

While there are only preliminary drawings of the jersey that have been released so far, the jersey isn’t groundbreaking by any means.  It offers a return to some of the team’s heritage, but will not issue in a branding change.

For those in love with the team’s current alternate jersey, don’t be alarmed.  The Blues will continue to take the ice with the darker, vintage inspired sweater as well.

So what do you think Blues fans?  Is this new sweater one that you have to have, or is it a failure?  Let us know in the comments below.


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