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Bleedin’ Blue is a St. Louis Blues Blog that aims at being your top source for news, rumors, opinions, and more concerning Blues hockey.  As part of the Fansided Network, Bleedin’ Blues is your one stop shop for hockey news.  Check out Too Many Men On the Site for news about the league in general as well. Email us if you want to know more, have a scoop, or would like to contribute!

Bleedin’ Blue Staff:


Franklin Steele – Managing Editor

A newcomer to St. Louis but not to the hockey writing scene, Franklin Steele has been writing about the sport for mass consumption since 2011. Along with his duties as managing editor of Bleedin’ Blue, Franklin also writes for The Hockey Writers, Bleacher Report, FanRag and is the NHL Editor for

He tries to stay as open-minded as possible while analyzing any and all things hockey, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t have some favorites. When he’s not writing about hockey he’s either sleeping, cooking chili, playing video games on Steam or perfecting his third-person biography writing skills.

Reach him at [email protected] or on Twitter.


Sean Jeffries – Staff Writer

Sean is a native St. Louisian and long time Blues fan. A doting father, boyfriend, son, brother, friend, sports fan, computer geek, technology consultant, listener, philosopher, writer, and music lover. He works for a local computer supply company.

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Darla Yocom – Staff Writer

Darla is a native Missourian who loves sports, especially our fantastic STL sports teams.  I am passionate about life and everything creative!  She loves writing, photography, sketching, music and watching sports with her husband.  She often finds herself rooting for the underdog, which often causes competitive discussions with friends and family.


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