St. Louis Blues Waste Another Brian Elliott Start

The St. Louis Blues failed to get a win for their no. 2 goalie yet again last night in Dallas.

The Stars hung 3 goals on the Blues in a 3-0 shutout in Dallas. Elliott ended the night with 35 saves, and a loss to his name.

Jamie Benn had a minor win of his own, scoring a goal in the Stars’ win which saw him hit his 23rd of the season and take the NHL goal lead over Vladimir Tarasenko for himself.

The Blues are now 9 points off from the top of the central division from the Stars. The Stars are mounting an impressive lead over the defending champions of the central division St. Louis Blues before the clock even strikes 2016.

Ken Hitchcock, St. Louis Blues head coach, has been able to see through the loss to praise his goalie on the night, Brian Elliott. He said, “I think the difference was their top players came to play, they set the tone for them … that got us back on our heels. Our goalie was great. Elliott was outstanding. That’s the part that disappoints everybody here. He battled like crazy, he made great saves and we couldn’t get a goal for him.”

Elliott is now 5-4-2 on the season in what has been a largely frustrating campaign. He has seen himself struggle to find playing time with the breakout season that Jake Allen has put together.

The Blues take on the Nashville Predators tomorrow night where they look to build a new winning streak. The Preds represent another tough test within the central division for the St. Louis Blues as both teams look to make the playoffs in one of the league’s toughest divisions.

Another interesting point in the game came between the two best goal scorers in the NHL thus far in 2015 in Tarasenko and Benn. Both players were seen shoving each other which sent them to the penalty box for 2 minutes in the 1st period. I for one like to see a player such as Vladi asserting himself and showing a bit of a tougher side, as long as he doesn’t get himself hurt.

Brian Elliott didn’t seem to be too upset after the game with his teammates despite their lack of goal support.

He said, “I made a couple of good saves to try to keep us in it. But with the less-than-24-hour turnaround, it just looked like we didn’t have the same amount of gas as we did at home.”

Unfortunately, this is another loss given to Elliott when he’s given the start on the back end of a home and home. He received a similar loss in a lackluster effort in Columbus last month on the back end of playing on back to back nights.