St. Louis Blues Top 3 Players To Wear Jersey Number 39

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St. Louis Blues

CHICAGO, IL – APRIL 21: Ryan Miller #39 of the St. Louis Blues makes a save against the Chicago Blackhawks in Game Three of the First Round of the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at the United Center on April 21, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. The Blackhawks defeated the Blues 2-0. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The St. Louis Blues have a rich history, filled with plenty of good players. Interestingly, it has been a mixed bag as far as wearing number 39.

You can tell we are in the dog days of the St. Louis Blues offseason, even if it is an abbreviated offseason. With that in mind, let us look as something a bit out of the box now that there are 39 days left before we start hockey for real again.

The Blues have almost covered all their bases when it comes to the numbers on the backs of their sweaters over the years.

St. Louis has only had one 99, which almost all of us know who it was, and he was only here for a cup of coffee. Other than that, the Blues have had someone fill almost all the numbers from 1-99 with a few exceptions.

Interestingly, the number worn the most is 22 with 30 players donning that digit over the years. Nobody has ever worn 0 or some of the higher numbers, but if I’m honest, I’m not even sure 0 is a legal number in the NHL.

To the point, one of the more interesting numbers has been 39. It has not been worn by a ton of people and the players that have worn it have run the gambit from skilled to goaltender to fighter and all those in between.

That always makes these kinds of lists fun because you can kind of see what sorts of things matter to people. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the best three players to wear 39 for the St. Louis Blues.

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