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Hello Blues fans and visiting fans alike! My name is Randall Ritchey and I’ll be your new lead writer here at Bleedin’ Blue.

I’m a 21 year old aspiring hockey writer. I’ve been a part of FanSided for almost a year now and I’ve written largely for our general NHL webpage, Too Many Men On The Site. While I still write for The Bluenote Zone, a blog that I have been a part of for the better part of three years now, joining Bleedin’ Blue as the lead writer is something I will take pride in. I want to give Blues fans a new angle and perspective with my writing.

I’ll be posting content daily as I hope to grab the attention of some of fellow Blues fans. I think we all can agree that the more Blues news, the better.


Now to what matters, Patrik Berglund held a live chat today on and he was asked a variety of questions by Blues fans. I’ll highlight a question or two but you’ll have to go to the full chat to read all of the Swedish forward’s answers.

John Mullet (not joking) asked Patrik what it was like to be drafted in the first round back in the 2006 NHL entry draft.

Bergy’s response was was a good one, “It felt amazing. I kind of knew I was going to get selected in the first round or the beginning of the second round. Obviously, when the Blues picked me at 25th overall, I got really excited and was pumped up to work hard and get to St. Louis and make the team. As of today, I can’t see myself in any other organization in the league, and hopefully I will be here as long as I can.

Another question, coming from Nicole Resendes, asked what his favorite pregame meal was.

I like penne pasta with chicken carbonara. I start off with a caesar salad. That’s what I’m eating for every pregame meal through the home games.” Was Patrik’s answer, good choice there.

Possibly my favorite question came from a poster named chuckskyline. It asked Patrik the all important question, Star Trek or Star Wars?

Berglund cleared that question with a seemingly quick, ”Star Wars.” None better than Patrik.

Here is the link to the full chat transcript posted on the Blues website.


Also posted today on the St. Louis Blues homepage, is a Q&A with one of the newest Blues forward, Jason Arnott, a 17 year veteran of over 1,100 National Hockey League games.


I loved this Q&A as Jason was candid with the interviewer.  Here are two questions that stood out to me and his answers are very clear.

When asked, “Was signing in St. Louis an easy decision to make?

Arnott answered openly,”I didn’t really even think about St. Louis when things were happening (at first), but I know Doug Armstrong from Dallas and we had a good rapport there. I had one look at the team and I remembered a lot of guys that I had played against. It was a no-brainer for me. I’ve heard a lot about the city and the organization and it made my choice real easy.


Then when asked about his double-overtime, cup-clinching goal back in the 1999-2000 season, and if it was best moment in his career thus far, Arnott gives another great answer.

That would be the best, yeah. I think it will be hard to top that one. It’s something you dream about. When you play as a young kid, when you’re seven or eight, in your basement calling the plays out, that’s what you dream about.

Here is a link to the full interview on the Blues website.



Going around the net for some Blues news and here are some links to some of the latest news regarding the Blues.

A Quick History On Blues EnforcersBNZ - Tyler Atwood’s piece on here was a great one for sure. If you grew up watching the ‘Note, you know how St. Louis has embraced our fighters. I’d recommend checking this out for sure.

Goaltending, Key For Blues SuccessBNZ - This one is actually my latest contribution to the Bluenote Zone. It breaks down how important goaltending will be for the St. Louis Blues if they are expecting to make it back to the post season this year.

Ryan Johnson To Try Out With DetroitTrueHockey – News from Andy Strickland is that former Blues PK specialist is headed to Detroit on a try-out basis with the Red Wings. Johnson was one of my favorite players to watch as a Blue and seeing him with Vancouver, Chicago, and potentially Detroit might actually make me sick.

Welcoming New LeadershipFrozen Notes – David Rogers is a guy who always puts out a good blog consistently and his new blog on welcoming in the new vets is no different. Be sure to give it a read.



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