Blues Might Still Be Looking to Add Another Defenseman - What About Wade Redden?


The St. Louis Blues were one of the best defensive teams in the NHL last season, and GM Doug Armstrong wants to make sure that was no fluke.  While he has said before that he is happy with the current lineup he has on the blueline, the St. Louis Blues also recently invited Colin White to join training camp on a Professional Tryout Contract.

Armstrong and company were quick to tell everyone that White would not be a partner for Pietrangelo and that he was only in camp to try and make the roster.  San Jose Sharks fans were quick to look at the Blues in confusion as the team was never happy with his performance, but his time and experience with the New Jersey Devils is the most likely reason he was invited to play with the Blues.

There have been rumblings ever since the New York Rangers cut Wade Redden that he would be on the market and be a viable options for many teams in the league.  One of those teams that is in the hunt for Redden may be the Detroit Red Wings.  According to Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press, the Red Wings are considering adding Redden.

The Detroit Red Wings want to improve their defense and are looking at Wade Redden as a possible solution.   The decision is being discussed internally, especially with assistant coach Tom Renney, who coached Redden in 2008-09 with the New York Rangers.

So if the Red Wings are going after Redden, would the Blues?  Well, Norm Sanders reported via the Belleville Daily News that,

Asked to name an area of the team he might like to upgrade, St. Louis Blues General Manager Doug Armstrong echoed the words probably being said by GMs in every other NHL city.  Defensive depth.  “I think our core of defense is very strong, but that’s one area where if we could add another defenseman or two –organizationally (and) depth-wise –I think that would really be a benefit,” Armstrong said Wednesday. “Not as much to come in and play into our (top) six right off the bat. But in these condensed seasons … you play six games in nine nights to start the season, you’re going to need bodies.  A little bit of depth there would be helpful.

So considering the available free agent options, maybe Wade Redden would be a low cost, low risk solution for the St. Louis Blues.  The question would really be are the Blues willing to sign him to a contract.  I think the answer is yes.  While the Blues might be looking to add to their defensive depth, there are plenty of teams in the league in much more dire situations, but the St. Louis Blues could snag Redden and get him as a temporary fix for this season.  I see the Blues giving Redden a Contract for one year, but this season would have to be a prove it year in order for him to earn a longer deal.

So what if the Blues fall short and the Red Wings got Redden, would it change the landscape of the Central Division?  I don’t think it would have much impact.  The Red Wings are willing to try whatever they can to fill the hole that Niklas Lidstrom left, but they won’t find any one player to do that.  They are going to have to take a committee approach to it and I don’t think Redden is the answer they need.

So while the Blues may have interest in Redden, I don’t know if he will come to the Blues.  The upside for Redden would be a team that could win a cup, but Detroit may have larger pockets.  Hopefully Redden can find a home in St. Louis or at least one that isn’t with the Red Wings, but even if he does go to Detroit, I think St. Louis will be more than ready for the challenge of a little bit deeper Detroit blueline.

Stay tuned for more St. Louis Blues news and information, and, as always, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan

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